Sunday, October 24, 2010

Born to coach?!

With our 1st soccer season behind us, we've come to some conclusions:

1. These little fields are not big enough for George.
2. Fall soccer is lovely. A few games warranted coats, but NO snow!
3. George would rather coach his teammates than watch the ball.

Leading the pack down-field!

Ready to send that ball flying...

Chasing after a ball OR skipping toward the sideline for snack?!

I can't believe I didn't get a good picture of George instructing his teammates on how to "make a wall" or who to throw the ball to... He spent significant time doing both! Instead, here's Cael making his presence known!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A small miracle...

I know... you think that my actually blogging is the miracle.

Alas, it's much more practical than that!

After a miserable day, following a miserable week, I came home from Target with a gallon of cough medicine and a bag of Halloween candy. Anticipating sweet relief, I was less than impressed with this discovery...

Seems Cael was busy while I was gone. Yes, I left him with supervision, I'm just not certain where said supervisors were... Cael was caught with my fabulous green pen. Surprisingly, nobody thought to investigate where exactly he'd been happily illustrating, although everyone seemed to know he had colored "somewhere"... The couch, people! He colored on my couch!

I wish I could say I responded calmly and without any inappropriate words, but y'all would know I was lying. I did dig out the cleaner that came with the couch and read through the warranty. Go ahead, guess whether pen is covered....

Nope. With little faith and even less energy, I took to cleaning the couch.

Would you believe, it wiped right off?! Look at it! I'm sold on Enduro Suede. I used to long for leather... No more.

I think it almost makes up for the rest of the week. Almost.