Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fun in the (fake) sun...

My youngest nephew had the audacity to turn two, despite his mother's insistence that he stay a baby... She caved and threw him a lovely party at the water-park.

Cael spent his time in the wave pool- spinning. I have video but blogger won't cooperate...

George launching out of the big-kid slide!

Lou crossing the floating lily pads.

Lou & cousin, Maddi, having a bribe, er... treat for getting out of the water and dressed!

Welcome to double digits, Lou Lou!

Emma, Anna, Lou, & Hannelora helped her celebrate with a "girl's night!" Kjersten requested pizza, a movie, Wii playing and, most importantly, NO BOYS!

The girls had to check out the snow- in their pajamas!

With no boys at home, they were free to take over the living room. I went to bed at 10pm and never heard a thing. Of course, the earplugs might have helped!

(Rhys took refuge at Evan's house and Jason took the little boys to grandma & grandpa's where they all had a sleep over of their own!)