Thursday, February 19, 2009

We do NOT want pets!

But we have our share of animals available for loan...

This is what we came home to tonight. Three goats making themselves at home in our yard. I called animal control figuring someone would be missing their animals. She said she'd send someone. What we got was a very annoyed sheriff's deputy who thought I was retarded for having called. Guess he wouldn't worry if his goats went a-wandering...

New hiding place?

Cael thinks he's pretty smart- climbing up on the bed and burying himself in the pillows. It might actually be a good hiding place if he didn't giggle the whole time!
Very proud of himself...

Another trip to the water park

Waiting for the next wave...
George loves the wave pool!

Here's Lou, practicing her floating.

Uncle Josh playing with the boys.

Being silly.

Just plain cute.

Cael's favorite thing to do: spin around inside a tube over and over and over!

Uncle Josh playing basketball with Caleb & Rhys

Rhys, Kjersten & Josh all trying to get out of Caleb's way...

Cael keeping dad company by sitting on the side of the hot tub...

Grandpa Paul holding down home base (our table)...


Not sure what they were looking at but don't they look contemplative?

A day without Wii, TV, or computer?

We studied the Jewish Shabbat (our Sabbath) recently and I've been longing for a less chaotic, more purposefully restful weekend for some time! The kids seemed game and I convinced Jason that one way we could have such a day was to give up our "screens" (TV, computer, Wii). Amazingly, they all agreed!

It was lovely. We went to the water park (a treat that will NOT be repeated regularly), naps, and hours assembling the puzzle I bought specifically for this day. We can't wait to do it again! (Jason says just the boys are going to go screen-free this weekend too even with Lou, Cael, and I gone...)

Here's the puzzle:

One sock wonder...

Still... one sock on, one sock off!

Rhys & Evan

Discussing something of great importance, I'm sure!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

All three boys sitting in a single space on the couch happily watching cartoons. (It's their only "free" screen time during the week.) Little do they know, but starting tomorrow, we're going to try screen-free Sabbath. (screen= TV, computer, Wii) I can't wait!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A glimpse of our calendar...

Notice that most of our activities fall in the afternoon/ evening. Lots going on, but that's to be expected with four kiddos, huh? I'm so grateful Sara gets me this awesome calendar every year! With a different color Sharpie for each of us, I can tell at a glance who needs to be where when.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

While the big kids are away...

the littles play Wii... Cael thinks he is so cool sitting up on that couch playing with a wheel, just like Rhys does! (Shhhh... don't tell him we don't turn his remote on.)

Nine days and counting...

It's official... we can register George for t-ball next Saturday. He's already bugging me about when exactly "next Saturday" is... Hence, the chain he made.

George has been looking forward to this for two years. Seriously. I hope it's all he imagined. I just can't wait to watch a bunch of 4 & 5 year olds figure out which way to 1st base and what to do with the ball once they actually retrieve it from the field... They're so darn funny!


I should be embarrassed to admit this: Wipeout is our favorite family show. If you've not seen it, contestants compete with one another to navigate various obstacle courses in order to win money. It's funny. Very funny. Laugh out loud funny.
If you've seen it, this clip will make sense. (If you haven't, click here and watch a clip with the "sweeper". That's what the kids are imitating.)

Music Appreciation Class...

Today, we spent a bit of time on music...
Kjersten teaching Cael the basics.
Here's George's song about Cael.

Cael's in the Fire by George

Cael's in the fire,

Cael's in the fire,

Cael's in the fire,

Oh no!

Cael's in the fire,

Cael's in the fire,

Cael's in the fire,

Oh no, he's toasty!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are you craft-impaired?

Well, I am! But I found a craft that I can do with Lou! Thanks to my big mouth (for offering to coordinate a MOPS craft) and Cynde's help, we discovered some great papers at Hobby Lobby. After making a sample for MOPS (and enjoying it a bit), I decided I am long overdue for indulging Kjersten's craft desires.

We went back a bit later, bought $30 worth of blank cards and papers. What a deal. Kjersten got to craft to her little heart's content and I got a very happy eight year old!

Our 1st batch.

Working away... (looking over the top of her glasses: a big no-no)

Happy little girl!

A cacophony of sound...

George, Auntie Heidi, Great Auntie Twyla, daddy, and grandma all jamming with their guitars and voices. They did some church songs, some John Denver, and even a little Johnny Cash. As the night wore on, they got better.
I'll get some video of George and his song about Cael soon. He's a natural!

Kjersten's adopted baby sister...

Kjersten's still longing for a sister. So, we borrow one for her. Here's Keona & Lou eating lunch after church last weekend.

Here's some of Keona's other people. Marie (big sis), Nicole (mama telling me NOT to take a picture), and Steve (dad trying to lean out of the picture).

Ocean, Kjersten, and Keona. Lou's in heaven when they come play!

Mad at the mama?

"I think I'll stand over here and pout."

"I mean it. I'm really mad this time!"

"Never mind. Just pick me up and hold me."

Cael's wearing one of Brennen's new aprons from Miss Amy, in case you're wondering about our bizarre sense of style!

Look ma! I still fit...

When Jason is out of town, the kids beg to sleep in our room with me. Ummmm... I don't think so. I simply love having the bed all to myself (I prefer the middle!) Anyhow, for some reason or another, we put the toddler bed in our room months ago and since it's still there, I compromise by allowing each kid a night to sleep in mom & dad's room ON THE TODDLER BED! Kjersten & Brennen are all over it. Cael doesn't get an option- he still adores his crib so there he stays. Rhys debates... This time, he took me up on the offer.

He still fits... Nearly 11 years after we bought him this sweet little bed. I don't know how comfortable he was, but he slept all night and didn't complain the next day.

Cael toddled in at first light to find his biggest brother on "his" bed!

No matter. He just climbed in and set to waking him up...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happiness... delivered!

My dear friend, Amy, was so kind. She brought us dinner. I assured her that I am capable of making dinner and she assured me that a) that doesn't matter and b) she was coming up anyhow! (Need I remind you, I am NOT on the way to anywhere?!)
So, she brought the kids their favorite! They're thrilled to death to have McDonalds and I'm equally as excited to have no dinner dishes to do! What a nice break after the week we've had...
Thanks Amy! You are awesome!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What can $89 legally buy at 10pm on a Tuesday night?

Prescription drugs, that's what.
Here's the scoop:
Cael had croup (yes, again!) last week. In between birthday party events last Thursday, I took him in for his steroid. Works like a charm. His cough is gone. His hoarseness is fading. But... he's getting crankier... Hmmmmm... Cael isn't cranky. Cael is a fabulous day napper and night sleeper. Why is he waking up? Repeatedly?!
In the meantime, Jason and I both have a bit of a cold. It's hard for me to swallow which is common for me and my enormous tonsils whenever I am ill. Well, five days of exquisitely painful swallowing (sans fever for those of you thinking strep) and five nights of interrupted sleep due to said swallowing problems... I am beginning to think there's a problem.
Of course, Jason's out of town this week. Despite vowing to go NOWHERE today, in desperation,
I take Cael to the pediatrician tonite. (While we waited, we watched our regular ped take his CPR cert. test. I was relieved to see he passed with flying colors!) Anyhow, the doctor applauded me for bringing Cael in for being grouchy. Sure enough, ear infection and some sort of staph infection brewing on his face. Lovely.
She also tells me to go to the walk-in clinic. Did I look that bad?! So, ever the compliant patient... I go. Remember, four kids. 8:30 at night. Tiny exam room. Long wait.
Any bets? Yup. Raging case of strep. I got three doses of steroid, a shot in the butt of Tordol, and another shot in the butt of penicillin. Ouch! She sent me packing with some Lortab and some Zofran (anti-nausea) to help keep it down. Seems she thinks I need some sleep!
Cael has his antibiotic and Kjersten has hers for suspected strep, given her symptoms as of this afternoon. Argh!
Seriously... could it get worse? Jason out of town. Sick kids. Sick mama. Oh yes... it can!
My friend Kelly walked out with us after our $89 trip to the hospital pharmacy. Next to my car was a policeman talking to a woman in the next car. Oh great. A drunken debacle is going to slow my escape from this adventure. Nope. "Ma'am, Is this your car" (pointing at Jason's car) "Uh, yeah..." "Well, this woman hit your car..." Are you kidding me? My kids are standing next to me, mouths hanging open at the whole scene and the lady starts in with "Can't you give me a break? I was just trying to park this thing. I've had a really bad day."
Turns out, my friend Kelly's co-worker witnessed her hitting my car and then trying to swap "driving positions" before the police got there. You guessed it.... No license. No insurance. I don't think the damage is too bad. It was late. The lady was arguing with me and the cop while he took photos. I'll get the report from them later. Remember the shots? I just wanted to go home!
So, that's what we did tonite? And Jason missed all the fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Lou!

Grandma assembling the desired baby pram. (It's going back... It has sharp edges and the wheels won't stay on. Grrrrr... I'm getting her a "real" umbrella stroller for 1/2 the price and, as a bonus, it'll actually hold her baby brother!)

Her very own copy of her favorite movie!

Yes, that's 8 candles on ONE cupcake.

Good stuff!

Our niece, Maddy.

Who keeps giving this kid cupcakes?!
Who keeps giving this 'kid' cupcakes?!

Memories of your wedding day, Sara?
Looks like she's not that mad after all...

Awwww... Josh is forgiven (once again)!