Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome to Kindergarten...

I had forgotten how very much I love having a kindergartener in the house. Stinky loves each and everything about school. He is a particularly joyful child anyhow, but he is truly enthusiastic every morning when it comes time to see what's in his workboxes. It's like Christmas again and again. Ahhhh... if only it were that exciting to the other three!

As delightful as this all might be, I have made a bit of a mistake. I don't usually start my boys until they're six. Being homeschoolers, it's a bit convoluted. Our "grade levels" are really only dictated by things such as Sunday school, Awana, summer camp, and the like... With George & Rhys, six has been a good starting point for kindergarten. When Cael asserted his desire to be in school this year I never did the math on his age or anything else. Oh well. If it doesn't work out , he'll just get to do this super fun year TWICE!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bountiful Baskets... Organic

For a few years now, we've contributed to Each Monday morning, I log on and decide what we'd like to pick up on Saturday. It's delightful! A basket-full of fruits & veggies, cases of fruit, bread, or other goodies. There's even an option for an all organic box. I change our contribution around all the time, because I can't afford to do it all nor do we have the ability to eat all that food each week! This week, I opted for the organic box.

It never fails. When I order the conventional basket, I look longingly at the organics when I pick up. When I order organic, they get something nifty in the conventional.... So, this week, I grabbed my organic and ran. I didn't even peek at the conventionals. And I certainly didn't volunteer and have to handle all that awesomeness! I need to be content with what I'm bringing home!

(photo courtesy of Kjersten)

Today's Box:
Watermelon, carrots, onions, avocados, peppers, bananas, grapes, 
cilantro, green leaf lettuce, plums, and a bag of apples.

As always, my littles are beside themselves when I get home. It's always a surprise and someone is always very happy with what's in the tub! Today's big winner was George. He's been anxiously awaiting the return of apples. He actually kissed me when he saw the apples!