Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cael had a "play date"

Bret came to play today without his mama. She had some errands and appointments so Bret got to hang with us. He was less than impressed with me. I don't take it to personally. Bret isn't generally impressed with anyone besides his parents, grandma, auntie Michelle or cousin Kristian.

So, despite not making the short list, we still had a good time. He played. He ate. He napped. He ran away from Cael. He got clobbered by an overly-friendly George.

You get no photo due to SD card issues. Picture is there. Can't get it onto the computer. Figures. That's just kind of how this week has gone... Maybe tomorrow will be my day?!

Incredible results...

My sis-in-law posted on her blog and I am so very impressed!!!!

Read about it here: Sara's Blog

Well... the bluebirds are being evicted!

We tried. We really, really tried. So many friends and their friends helped. We came within 20 votes at the end (424-444 votes). I'm sure the other family will enjoy their new grill. I, on the other hand, have discovered how much our friends & family love us! There were so many people working so hard on our behalf and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Please save the Bluebirds!!!!

We are in desperate need of a new BBQ! My friend, Amy, told us about a contest on our local news station to win a new one. Well, I entered a photo of our old BBQ and now, I need your help!

Please go to:
To vote, you do need to register. It’s painless, I promise! We’re “Barbequed Bluebird?!” and you can read my woeful tale under the picture.

You can vote once each day from now until Thursday (6/12).

Thanks in advance! (The bluebirds thank you too!)

Not quite camping weather...

It's June... Summer... Or, so they say...

We went to spend the day just south of town where Grandma Margaret & Grandpa Scott have some land. They have a good chunk of land with a camper and a shed to take shelter in for the time being. We needed the shelter this weekend. It was cold and windy!!!! Didn't bother the kiddos one bit. They played in the camper, out of the camper, took a walk, played in the shed, planted seedlings with Grandpa Scott...

I don't know what they were planting here but they sure were happy about it!

Cael was very happy to stand at the door and jabber away...

Tell me... What's the secret to getting 4 grandkids to look the same direction at the same time? (Ashley is eight & Whitney is five.)

And just to add to our fun day out, Jason discovered a new hunting ground for choke cherries. But, shhhhhhh... He's not telling!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

George still needs a nap

Obviously. He did manage to finish his treat barely... The Popsicle stick had just dropped from between his lips after a fifteen minute drive home. Should've pulled over and snapped a picture sooner!
(He did not wake upon pulling into the driveway and neither did Cael. Rhys went inside the house, but I sat in the van, eating my salad, and reading my book for... 25 minutes!!! It was great. Nap for boys. Quiet reading time for the mama! Whatever works, eh?
Oh, and when George did wake up, he opened his eyes, stared out the window for a bit and then asked, "What is this place?" Poor sleepy-head! "Why, it's your driveway." And with that realization, he perked right up and was out the door to play!)

Survery says...

Fifth's disease... Actually, that's just my best guess. The rest of his body has a speckled flat rash and you can see what his face looks like. No fever and perfectly happy. Whew!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Speaking of George and the owies...

Last week, both Cael and Brennen had their well-child checks. Cael is right on for 12 months. Happy, well nourished, and doing all the age appropriate things. Brennen is four now and is also right on track. Now that he's four, we opted to have his "kindergarten" immunizations. (Yes, we immunize according to our pediatrician's schedule, but we all agree it's easier to give shots to an enthusiastic -albeit unhappy- four year old rather than waiting until he's a bigger 5 year old.)

Well, at this appointment he gets to pee in a cup (fun). He also gets a finger stick (interesting). When the hematocrit is too low, he gets another finger stick (slightly less interesting). Then he gets 5 (yes, five) immunizations (not at all interesting- rather upsetting, truth be told). Cael then gets his five (really). When Brennen's hemoglobin comes back too low as well, we get to go to the lab. Brennen gets his blood drawn. He's completely unimpressed by this point to put it mildly, despite the promise of a blizzard from Dairy Queen.

He was such a good boy and was a brave as he could be. A cotton-candy blizzard in hand soothed the day's trauma. Two bites later, he was overcome by a nap and his siblings happily finished his treat on the drive home.

(The lab results were fine. He's just got to eat more spinach... Yeah, right!)

Walking owie

George has owies all over. All the time. He also always has left-over Band-aid stickies all over. I buy Band-aids whenever I am at Target. Antibiotic cream, too. Amazingly, he's never broken a bone, needed stitches, or been to the ER. Whew!

See the three dots on his side (down from the little boy armpit)? Those are the owies that worry me. How does a four year old get three puncture wounds there without coming to me for consoling? He can't even tell me where they came from...

Gonna be great mommies one day...

When Kenna was here, we also had baby Kellan come play for a few hours. Kenna and Kjersten would have been thrilled to be left in charge of the babies. Both love the babies and do a great job playing with them. I really think my diaper changing abilities are the only reason the girls would keep me around, had they a choice!


The kids had some lifelong friends over the other day. With our family schedules and such, we don't see them often enough. We all enjoyed their time here!Kenna, Keaton, Kjersten & Rhys

A boy and his ball- just like his brother!

Cael is an awful lot like Brennen. A lot! He loves balls already. They are his favorite toys. He plays catch with anyone anytime, even himself. He'll toss the ball, go and get it, giggle, and begin again. Very, very funny!
There's the tongue (inherited from his daddy's family). Whenever he's happy or concentrating or drinking or, really, anytime, it's hanging out.

Cael and his food

I love to take pictures of Cael eating. He's contained and relatively still then so it makes it easy on the mama!

Another cupcake (leftover from the birthday). What a mess!

He loves grilled cheese. (Thanks for reminding me, Michelle!)

New blankie for Cael

Carol, Bret's mom, made Cael a beautiful and very soft blankie! (She may have done it because I've been eyeing Bret's and commenting on how very nice it would be to have one like that (hint, hint...) and it worked!!) We love it!!! Thank you, Carol!!!
I don't think of myself as a "teddy-bear" person, but these little bears make me laugh! They remind me of Cael & Bret- little buddies!

Mystery rash...

After four kids and too many rashes to count, you'd think I'd be an expert. I'm not. I still debate- do I take him in? Do I wait and watch? What if it's the beginning of some terrible childhood illness? What if...

Looks a lot like a light sunburn all over with no bumps. His skin looks a little mottled, like a newborn whose body can't seem to regulate temperature quite yet. He's his usual happy self despite cutting 2 teeth.

So, what do YOU think it is?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grandma's fondness for noisy toys...

Fisher-Price Cement Mixer toy.
Cael loves his new truck. As you can see, he loads the noisy balls into the mixer and pulls down on the green lever. It spins the balls around making a great racket! Thanks great-grandma!