Sunday, September 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (Labor Day edition...)

Two weeks off did NOT help my motivation or my dinner offerings... Lesson learned.

This week's offerings (including planned breakfasts, lunches & snacks):

Monday: chicken caesar wraps

Tuesday: BLTs

Wednesday: chicken pot pie

Thursday: grilled brisket, cream biscuits, green salad

Friday: breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit)

Saturday: tacos (with homemade refried beans/ homemade tortillas)

Sunday: turkey breast (if I can find one...), stuffing, green beans

Lunches (in no particular order):
  • grilled hamburgers/ corn/ fresh veggies

  • chili dogs/ carrots/ fresh peaches
  • mini-sub sandwiches/ chips/ mandarin oranges

  • bean burritos/ carrots/ applesauce

  • grilled cheese sandwiches/ homemade tomato soup

  • leftovers...



  • ants on a log (Rhys' new favorite)
  • chips & homemade salsa
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • peaches (of course)
  • Oreos & milk (I know... full of HFCS, but they were such a good deal and we LOVE them! What a treat!)

There you have it... If you would like more ideas & inspiration, visit this week's Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Playing with his food...

Kjersten and I had errands to run yesterday after church and she talked me into a candy store stop-over... We've never been to this awesome store & it's been on her list to do forever... The mama relented and we had a great time. We found gummy brains & spiders, crystal rock candy, mint peas (my personal childhood favorite), and these for Rhys...

Sweet Tart-like legos... They actually stack like real legos.

Creation complete.

Until George comes along with his trusty scissors- wreaking havoc along the way...

George: busted! Rhys (in the background): noticing the commotion...
Turned out just fine. Rhys even shared his treats. What a good big brother!

Farmer's Market Finds

Turns out the trick is getting there before the 8:30 bell. Fewer peoples, more selection, and no one in line for the balloon animals! Besides crepes, cookies, and a helicopter balloon creation, this is what we brought home this week:
  • bean sprouts
  • pears
  • green onions
  • red & white onions
  • various peppers (for Jason's salsa)
  • cucumbers (note the "double cucumber" for the kiddos!)
  • tomatoes (both regular & grape)
  • choke cherry jelly (never picked our own berries & this is SO much easier!)
  • egg plant (don't know what to do with that)
  • a balloon duck for good measure...

A stop for corn from the Optimists completed this shopping trip. Well, that and hundreds of dollars at Costco & Albertsons... but at least this filled the crisper....

Need a baby gift? Here are the essentials!

I never even made it to Target to check her registry... I hope she loves it anyhow!
A short list of must haves from a self-confessed baby gear junkie:
  • Bumkins bibs- waterproof, soft, can be hand washed with the dishes or thrown in the laundry, these last forever!
  • Snack Trap cups with lids (purchased separately)- Tupperware meets toddler; snack cups with handles and a oddly designed lid that keeps the goldfish contained yet easily accessible to those pudgy little fingers
  • baby safe feeder- silly looking contraption that makes all foods safe for baby. Add ice, bananas, frozen peaches, chicken nuggets, Oreos (just kidding...) and let baby have at it... he'll only work out safe pieces to eat & be delightfully entertained in the process!
  • take & toss spoons- just the right size for baby's mouth without that hard metal or, worse, rubbery plastic that baby can bite right into effectively ending a pleasant mealtime!
  • water bottle caps- makes any water bottle a "sippy cup" for baby; easy, portable, and really reasonably priced ($1.75 at Albertson's here...)

Bad habits...

His father's child... 2 years old and this is what I catch him doing... Who taught him that!? And, yes, he polished it off!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready for some (cheesy) football?!

I promise, it was better looking in person!
Jason needed something for a "tailgate" themed food day. I suggested this ideal appetizer: a football shaped cheese ball. He said it was a hit so, here's the recipe:
2 pkgs. (8 oz. each) cream cheese, softened
8 oz. cheddar cheese
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 green onions, chopped
3 oz. bacon bits
pimento strips (for laces, but I used sour cream)
Mix cheeses and dressing in mixer until blended. Add onions. Mix well and refrigerate several hours. Shape into football on serving plate; coat with bacon bits. Add lacing. Serve with crackers.

Good Morning to you...

Do you know, I don't like rainbows?! Never have. But, my dear daughter loves them... So, an impressive rainbow appeared over our house quite early one morning. I could see both "ends" well and it made its perfect arc above me. I took this picture for Kjersten. (And, you know what? It's almost pretty...)

Sporting the new belt...

And quite the mean look as well...
(his belt will remain 1/2 red & 1/2 black until he's 16- black side up, of course!)