Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flashback to Good Weather...

Big boy slide...

George and Zeb.

Cynde giving Cael a shove!

Yummy little boy!

Hannelora, Kjersten, and Cozi. I LOVE this picture!


Zeb in a bit of trouble with his mama, Amber.

My friend, Julie, with her kiddos, Cole & Gracie.

Cabbage Bread and More Games

Four generations. Great grandma, Peggy. Grandma Barb. Auntie Sara. Kjersten.
(Yes. This was the only good picture of all of them. And you all think Lou is shy...)

Sewing on her new machine. I'm going to have a little seamstress on my hands. (Yippee for me!)

Uncle Josh was happy to help her get the hang of it.

The last hand of Rage where grandpa Paul...


George, complete with new Minnesota Twins baseball hat, playing ball... in the house!

Great grandpa, Thelmar...

Auntie Heidi testing out Kjersten's new guitar.


Kjersten getting some assistance from Grandma and Brennen and Cael...

Cael being cute.

Auntie Heidi buttering Cabbage Bread while homemade ice cream mixes in the foreground. Yum!

Cabbage bread. Not 'my' thing, but really loved by all of Jason's family including our kids. Lucky me.

Lou and her grandma.

Who gave the boys (cousin Caleb & George) Mountain Dew?! Ack!

Game Night with the Family

Josh, Sara, and Maddie opting to eat rather than play Rage.

Playing Rage with Mandy's Josh's parents, Jason's parents, Jason's siblings, and our family. Lots and lots of food. Lots and lots of fun!

Playing Cranium way past our bedtimes...

Content with the crowds as long as he's getting fed!

Grandpa Paul up close!

Time for all you fun-loving folks to GO HOME!!!

George has the right idea...

Christmas at Home...

Cael and his new slide. It's getting lots of use!

Checking out the goodies in the stockings!

Jason and Kjersten working on the BIG box!

Kjersten & Jason's Christmas Present

The Story:

The kids and I bought Jason an electric guitar. Kjersten and Jason are taking guitar lessons together and Jason is convinced an electric guitar is necessary! Well, Jason didn't know we were getting one for him so he decided Kjersten HAD to have one! So, we bought one for her.

She was getting a guitar. He was getting a guitar. No one knew that both were getting guitars. I found a big enough box to fit both inside and wrapped it before anyone was the wiser! Both thought it was the other's present.

Well, Christmas morning, I had Kjersten help her dad unwrap "his" present. It was so much fun and they both haven't quit playing since...

Here's a short video...

Christmas Morning

Christmas at Jason's family's house is always crowded, chaotic, and great fun. Here's a glimpse of what happened this year. (I forgot my camera so I "borrowed" Amanda's photos...)

Jason's middle sister, Amanda, and her hubby, Josh inspecting some of the new treasures.
Jason's mom taking a breather... Sitting in the coveted rocking chair that was her grandpa's.
Jason's youngest sister, Sara, and her hubby, Josh. Yes... two brothers-in-law named Josh. What are the odds?
Me. Hiding in the midst of chaos.
George trying out the new "football" chair. Nice fit!
Great grandma, Peggy's, arrival complete with matching outfits for her and the dog. Only old ladies can get away with this...
Jason and Cael. Cael, too, loves the chair!
Great grandpa, Thelmar, and family showing off the quilt that Jason's mom made. What a lot of work that was!?
What did you get into, George?!

Playing with Dad...