Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing Fall Ball!

Who knew there was fall baseball too?! Turns out we have a fall baseball league for kids looking to hone their skills in a more casual setting. George was more than willing to play another round this fall. Only five kids from our regular league signed up (the rest were from "town") and of the five kiddos none were from his spring team. No matter. He's having a great time!

George is, again, one of the younger players and I'm guessing one of the only minor ball players. Most of these boys are major ball players and/ or will be this spring for sure!

The eight year old has had some near disasters this fall (he's had both ball and bat to the head) so he's working through a little hesitation. We're trusting by spring, he'll have overcome his nerves and will have improved his skills. If nothing else, by spring we'll have put a few more miles on the van and George will have had an awful lot of fun!

Cael and Ian providing some crowd noise by running a stick up and down the fence rail. Can you imagine that noise? Yup... That's the sound!

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Anonymous said...

Fall ball was our favorite. So relaxed and FUN! SL