Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who wouldn't want to wear the mask?!

Rhys drove Jason and George down to the minor's game in Red Lodge last night. George got to play catcher for the third game in a row. He loved it! Jason is convinced that having enough going on to keep his interest is the key. I have to say, I think he might be right. George is playing great and thoroughly enjoying this season! 

Lou & I took Stinky to his game. He also got to play catcher. He was over the moon! I, on the other hand, was in the dugout with ELEVEN 4-6 year olds. God help me.

Do you see how catcher crouch? I'm in awe of how those kids pop up from that position over and over and over. No way. Never. 

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Anonymous said...

By high school they are starting to have knee trouble if they always play catcher. And sometimes trouble with the muscles and bones in the hand. I have a friend whose daughter is a freshman in high school starting to develop those problems. You've gotta be all sorts of tough to catch! SL