Sunday, June 5, 2016

Senior Trip

Seth (aka: best & bravest youth guy ever) took Rhys & Evan to Denver for their senior trip. Vicki took a load of girls and one stowaway who was desperate to spend the weekend with her bestie, Madi!

Their activities included: 
  • Zombie Escape room

(I found this little gem on their website!)
  • The Denver Zoo: Seems high schoolers have short attention spans and move quickly from one animal to another. On the other hand, Seth & Rhys were patient at the exhibits and the prize was watching howler monkeys do what they do and penguins having sex. Nice.
  • IMAX to see Captain America- Civil War. 
  • The mall. Rhys survived. 

Seth took the boys and the stowaway home. Quiet trip, he said. Looked like this most of the way.


Mary Beth said...

Great trip! I think the mall part was preparing Rhys for boot camp...

Wendy said...

They look very sweet sleeping back there. What a fun trip to take!