Friday, August 3, 2007

Kjersten is home again...

Kjersten went with Grandma and her cousin Taylor to visit her great-great Grandma Ragna in Minnesota. Then they traveled West to see Auntie Heidi. She was gone for 8 days and we all missed her. Rhys even said, "Is Kjersten coming home today?"... "Good! I can hardly remember what she looks like!"

Here is great-great Grandma Ragna. She's 99 and still lives alone in her farm house. I swear she hasn't changed a bit in the 17 years I've known her!

"Did you find a prince in disguise?"

Yes... Kjersten is painting her nails in Grandma's BRAND NEW (one day old) car!!! Only grandma would allow that!

At the water park near Auntie Heidi's...

Kjersten and Taylor in their new outfits~ thanks grandma!

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Cynthia said...

She looks all grown up now! Traveling alone, with grandma and all. Nailpolish in the car? EGADS... I don't think I'd even allow that in my older car!