Friday, August 3, 2007

Poopy Pants!

My friend, Cynde, gave Cael this cute little outfit when he was born. He's worn it four times. Each time he wears it- he poops out the back! And he rarely does that otherwise! I was explaining this to Wendy as I was chatting with her on the phone while dressing him the other day. I was getting ready for book group and thought it would be nice if Cynde actually saw him in the outfit. Should have known...

No. He didn't poop out the back. He just pooped. As soon as I got the outfit on him. I change him (still talking to Wendy on the phone) commenting on how "I dodged that bullet. He didn't get a chance to poo out the back." Ha ha! Yeah, my bright little 2 month old taught me a lesson. I went to button him back up and there was poop on the outside of the clean diaper. Yuk!!! And on his leg... Yuk! And the culprit? Yup... the socks! He'd stuck one foot in the dirty diaper and transferred poop everywhere. Argh!

Yes, I kept the outfit. No, he's not wearing it again!!!

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Cynthia said...

LOL! that's hilarious!