Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guess who is pregnant?

Ha ha... Not me!

My friend, Tawyna, got me good. At MOPS last Friday, she had the nerve to draw a key chain from the pregnancy announcement bag. I have barely recovered from the shock! She has three kiddos and the youngest will be six. Wow!

Now, I know I did that to her last year- sprung the happy news on her in front of 50 other people. But that's different! LOL! Really. I had a good reason. I just can't remember off hand what it was.

She, on the other hand, just did it to make me look confused and discombobulated in front of everyone. Thanks a lot, Tawnya!

Oh yeah. And congratulations. Really! Now, I have to find someone else to share a room with in Texas...

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