Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Seems I've been tagged...

What are my favorite things... (other than my peoples...)
  1. Rain. Despite my previous post, I really do love the rain. Really love it!
  2. Office supplies. Goes with the type "A" personality and the desire to organize all things. Homeschooling merely feeds the need!
  3. Steak. Good, grilled, medium-rare.
  4. Red Vines fake licorice. This is a post-partum addiction. Hope it resolves soon.
  5. Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, and 60's country music. Thank my parents for that one.
  6. New socks. Jason and I share this love.
  7. Daisies. In a round, clear, glass vase on my table.
  8. Clean laundry. Love the smell. I even buy candles to recreate the smell. Easier than actually doing laundry!
  9. Being pregnant. Love every minute of it, including labor and delivery.
  10. Bubble gum.

I could go on and on. I'm very passionate. I don't like or dislike things. I love them or hate them. Little falls in between. So, that's an incomplete list but it'll have to do...


Hidden Jewel said...

I'm going to answer here as I am just a little rushed.

I quite agree with you on #s 1-5. HOWEVER . . . I absolutely detest being pregnant and going through labor and delivery! Of course, if I felt as good as I did with the 3rd trimester of #3 I might feel differently. I had never felt better in my life. However, labor and delivery are on my BAD, BAD, BAD list!

Cynthia said...

LOL on your love/hate comment.

Amy said...

You forgot something on your favorites list that I know you like! Having the hubby gone for a few days!! Amy