Sunday, March 2, 2008


(Yes, I know he's not too happy about this photo session... but I "had" to get a picture, you know...)

My previous "stats" post AND my friend Wendy made it obvious that Cael has, indeed, outgrown his infant car seat. It was just so handy! He still naps when we hit Target or on the way to co-op. I'm able to put him on the grocery cart or snap his seat onto the stroller without waking Ole.

No more. He's too long (he's actually 28"- 40th percentile- I remeasured) and he's too heavy.

sniff, sniff...

Here's his last picture in his "baby bucket" and his first for comparison.

I had to give that baby seat away immediately, lest I change my mind and continue to put baby in it. I took it and a giant tub of infant clothes (another boo-hoo event) to Amber last night. I want to bless my friends and I know I don't need this stuff anymore, I'm just quite attached to the memories. Seems I'll just have to make new ones while I enjoy her new baby boy (in June) using all this cute stuff!

For you, Wendy. A picture of Rhys napping with baby Cael the day we came home from the hospital. Aren't they sweet?


Anonymous said...

Oh, look at him so tiny in his carseat! And look at him so big in his new car seat! lol What a good looking kid. :) I'm sad for you too, I hate it when it's time to stop using the infant car seat! I'll mourn with you. oh, and thanks for posting the picture of Cael and Rhys. That is a keeper! I've never seen that one. :)


Hidden Jewel said...

They grow so fast. I can't believe that a year is coming up soon.

You must have had a bigger infant seat than us because RJ grew out of his several months ago.

That picture of Rhys is too sweet.

Cynthia said...

How nice to pass it on to Amber! At least you'll get to see the things being used again.