Saturday, March 22, 2008

Desperate for spring...

Last Sunday, we took the kids for a walk down by the river. Cool weather and a hint of snow did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. We are so ready for spring!!!!

We have a early "small-people-approaching" warning system for the local wildlife. Brennen. This poor deer is either deaf with poor eyesight or extremely brave. Since the audible alarm didn't alert this poor thing, he didn't sense incoming chaos until he caught sight of George. Boy, deer can move quickly when they want to!

Kjersten took a picture of mom and dad.

Comfy, Cael? (A bit later, the backpack provided Cael a different vantage point. He enjoyed both.)

Brave little spider.

Great entertainment for George. He'd throw rocks all day long. Too bad there's no floating target out there. We did convince him that he cannot throw rocks over his siblings' heads, despite his (truthful) insistence that his aim is good and he doesn't actually hit them.


De'Etta said...

What a great family outing. Your family brings back memories of our family about 15 years ago. LOL

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! Great pictures! And Kjersten, good job taking a photo of Mom and Dad! What a fun day!


Prindle 4-2 said...

I love taking the dogs down there looks like fun!!!!