Saturday, April 5, 2008

When it rains...

In case you've wondered where we've been... we're still right here.

Perhaps it's this time of year. Life seems to gain momentum, outpacing our ability to keep up. Illness and weather keep us cooped up despite the head knowledge that it really is spring!
I'll start with Brennen. Poor Brennen. If you missed the mouth injury post, see here: ouch. Turns out, I was wrong. Last weekend, I noticed his tooth turning dark. Wahhhhh! I did a little research and figured it could wait until regular business hours. After co-op on Monday, I took him in. Sure enough... he knocked those 2 front teeth loose. The one turning color may need a root-canal but we're opting to watch and see. It will be obvious if he needs dental attention.

Cael, that same Monday, sounded like he had a very sore throat. Almost barky. Sort of like a seal. (Any of you mommies out there see what's coming?) He wasn't coughing, but he just didn't sound "well." Following an already long day of co-op and dentist, I hauled Cael into the pediatrician with George in tow. (I'm so grateful they're open until 8:00pm) Yup. Cael has croup. Essentially, croup is laryngitis in children. Their airways are smaller and don't accommodate the swelling without impeding breathing. A shot of steroid to decrease the swelling is the standard treatment. Whatever virus is causing the swelling typically runs it's course with a bit of Motrin to ease the discomfort.

While we waited for the doctor, Brennen and I chatted. Up close. Hmmmm... wonder why his eye is red and leaking goo. Don't suppose that has anything to do with the tooth. Or his brother's croup. Nope. Pink eye. Great.

Well, we hid at home on Tuesday. Wednesday, Brennen woke up crying and coughing. Of course, he had croup also. Off to the peds again. Steroid in pill form for him. However, he missed the circus with Kjersten, Brennen, Auntie Sara, Grandma, and the cousins...
For the last few days, we've been battling intermittent fevers, sleepy children, and missed fun. Both boys are happy, as usual. It makes it hard to know how sick they really are. Flushed faces and a few more naps along with hoarse voices are the only symptoms.

Brennen has missed out on a few very rare fun activities:
  • the circus
  • spending the night at grandma's
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • football game with dad, grandpa, Rhys, and cousin Caleb

Fortunately, he's extremely good natured and easy to please. Not to mention, being a bit loopy from a 104 degree fever. I'm not sure he grasps what he's missed and we certainly aren't reminding him! He did just tell me that he feels "really good" and could we please go to the circus now? Poor George!

Like I said... When it rains, it pours!


Jamie said...

Welcome back! I was getting worried about you.

Hidden Jewel said...

Thanks for the updates, but I'm really sorry you've been slammed with stuff. We had the stomach flu but that is it.

De'Etta said...

Ah - sorry to hear that Brennen and Cael have been under the weather.

Colleen said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry your two little ones are sick. I hope they feel better soon!