Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who sleeps for 15 hours?!

Indeed. Baby slept 15 hours last night. Jason laid him down for a short nap at 5:30pm. He did not wake until 2:00am for a quick nursing. Cael finally rejoined the land of the living at 8:30am this morning. No, he didn't have a fever. I left his door open and checked on him often. Guess he's trying to get better! (He's down for a nap right now... Hope he wakes before we head to grandma's at 5:00. Ha ha!)


Carol said...

I could sleep for 15 hours! I probably wouldn't even need to get up to nurse at 2:00. Sure hope the little man is feeling better!

Hidden Jewel said...

Lucky you!

Carol said...

Who doesn't post to their blog for 33 days (and counting?????)