Friday, June 6, 2008

Speaking of George and the owies...

Last week, both Cael and Brennen had their well-child checks. Cael is right on for 12 months. Happy, well nourished, and doing all the age appropriate things. Brennen is four now and is also right on track. Now that he's four, we opted to have his "kindergarten" immunizations. (Yes, we immunize according to our pediatrician's schedule, but we all agree it's easier to give shots to an enthusiastic -albeit unhappy- four year old rather than waiting until he's a bigger 5 year old.)

Well, at this appointment he gets to pee in a cup (fun). He also gets a finger stick (interesting). When the hematocrit is too low, he gets another finger stick (slightly less interesting). Then he gets 5 (yes, five) immunizations (not at all interesting- rather upsetting, truth be told). Cael then gets his five (really). When Brennen's hemoglobin comes back too low as well, we get to go to the lab. Brennen gets his blood drawn. He's completely unimpressed by this point to put it mildly, despite the promise of a blizzard from Dairy Queen.

He was such a good boy and was a brave as he could be. A cotton-candy blizzard in hand soothed the day's trauma. Two bites later, he was overcome by a nap and his siblings happily finished his treat on the drive home.

(The lab results were fine. He's just got to eat more spinach... Yeah, right!)


Anonymous said...

He SO deserved that Dairy Queen treat after all that!! :)


Cynthia said...

I've been meaning to schedule a well child checkup for tater... for a couple of years now (LOL). Perhaps I better get that on the calendar this summer since he just turned 5.