Sunday, June 8, 2008

George still needs a nap

Obviously. He did manage to finish his treat barely... The Popsicle stick had just dropped from between his lips after a fifteen minute drive home. Should've pulled over and snapped a picture sooner!
(He did not wake upon pulling into the driveway and neither did Cael. Rhys went inside the house, but I sat in the van, eating my salad, and reading my book for... 25 minutes!!! It was great. Nap for boys. Quiet reading time for the mama! Whatever works, eh?
Oh, and when George did wake up, he opened his eyes, stared out the window for a bit and then asked, "What is this place?" Poor sleepy-head! "Why, it's your driveway." And with that realization, he perked right up and was out the door to play!)


Anonymous said...

awe, he's plum tuckered out.

Your quiet half hour of reading in the car sounds heavenly! :)


Cynthia said...

LOL! When Tater wakes up after a drive home it usually takes him a minute to figure out where we are.