Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Blue Birds

I love how our barbecue issues have led to some fabulous life lessons! Here's one. With no new BBQ on the horizon, Jason went to the wild bird store and bought a house for the bluebirds. It is mounted to the outside post of our deck, near the old BBQ but out of reach of little hands. The beginnings of this year's nest were carefully transplanted and we waited...

I watched for days while Miss Realtor Bluebird held open house after open house. One couple seemed quite interested and apparently the terms of the deal were acceptable. Shortly after their tour, they began to move in and unpack. Within a day or two, their home was furnished with a rather comfy looking nest.

A few days later... an egg! Seems this little love nest was going to produce! Then I left town... Upon my return, we had 5 eggs and a very irritable bluebird mama. She did not care for my observation. (The side of the house opens for that very purpose. Or maybe, it's to clean it out?)

In any event, she and her hubby did a great job incubating. When I checked yesterday, I was horrified to discover a worm in there. Hmmm... A worm with a beak! Yikes! That's what new baby birds look like? Ewwwww!!!

Within an hour, Waldo's feathers poofed out, giving him a stylish afro atop his naked body. And, surprisingly... he's hungry. He's always hungry. Seems to be a newborn affliction~ at least with my newborns as well!

See the hair-do? Isn't he precious?

Later in the day, my nosiness revealed a small hole in the egg behind Waldo. A sibling ready to debut? Well, Flash (egg on bottom right) beat him to it. I neglected making dinner for my kiddos and, instead, snapped the hatching sequence.

Flash isn't as speedy as his name implies. In fact, he wasn't in any hurry to pop out of that egg. But.. he did and hopefully this morning, he's been joined by the other three. Stay tuned...


Hidden Jewel said...

How fun!

Colleen said...

Oh, how exciting! Love these pictures!

momma24 said...

We were able to 'watch' birds hatch a few years ago and it was amazing! Thanks for sharing.