Friday, September 12, 2008

We're going to be blacklisted...

It rained a few weeks back. A lot. And, no, we still haven't improved the other part of our driveway. We've trained our friends, trash collectors, and delivery persons to avoid that side unless it's dry or frozen. I guess a summer of nice dry roads evaporated the memories of mud and tow trucks from all of our minds.

The FedEx guy said he looked at the muddy side and figured it wouldn't be too bad. Wrong.

Two hours later, after no help at all from the mama and kiddos, a fellow FedEx man came to save the day. I had no ability to help so, instead, we just watched. The driver was so nice and friendly, it made me feel that much worse.

We have gravel (and a lot of it) being delivered early next week. Perhaps we can return to good graces with the delivery folks in time for my book order's arrival?

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Cynthia said...

Hopefully they're delivering a load of big rock for you to spread out under the gravel so your gravel doesn't all sink away into the mud. I can't believe that fall and rainy/wet/snowy weather is already upon us!