Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Yes, my birthday was before Halloween. (I'm a bit behind, as usual...) Here's the yummy lemon cake and charming note cards from my friend, Cynde. She took that picture and had the cards made. I just love them.

I had a great day and was spoiled by a bunch of people! My kids bought me a mini-Cuisinart (it matches my big one perfectly) and some other requested kitchen things. Below, you'll see Cael who found the Snickers the kids tucked into a bag of treats for me. Cael was quite unhappy to give up his find. (I was impressed that he knew it was worth opening and that he found a way to do it.)

These are photos of the wrapping paper my kiddos made for my gifts. I just loved the pictures!

(bombs: courtesy of Rhys)

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