Friday, November 28, 2008

No holiday photos? What gives?

Nope. Not one photo.

We spent the day in completely non-traditional fashion (for us, anyhow...) After a lazy morning, I took Lou and headed to town. I hate to admit it but we needed groceries and I took advantage of the very slow shopping day to fill our pantry and refrigerator.

Following our marketing, we met the boys at the theater. Movies in the theater are extremely rare for our kiddos and this was Cael's maiden viewing of the big screen. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. (Head's up: it's sorta stupid and the innuendo is annoying!) Everyone survived, although Cael did succumb to a nap mid-movie.

After loading up on sugar (Raisinettes and gummy worms), we headed home for a completely non-healthy dinner of appetizers. It was lovely! And great fun!

The only reason we departed so far from tradition is our family abandoned us! Jason's parents headed East to Auntie Heidi's (a long overdue Thanksgiving trek) and my dad headed West to have dinner with my extended family. It was the perfect excuse to do something different.

(We're having friends over in a few weeks for our Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Yes, I really do love turkey, potatoes, stuffing minus nasty stuff, and pumpkin pie. Stay tuned for pictures. That should be a great night!)


Mom to the 6th said...

MMMMM turkey!!!! It;s a big boy too! Should be plenty of left overs for us both to share, or at least send our husbands to work with, if your not the left over kind!!!

The Ferguson Five (5) said...

What a great to be together as a family! Even giving thanks for all of the goodies at the movies!

Queen of Clean said...

Sounds like fun! I'm not much on tradition.