Monday, July 20, 2009

And they were going to throw out the box?!

We had to have our four year old furnace replaced. Seems we got a dud. Hopefully, its replacement is without issues for years and years to come!

The HVAC guys were here last week to tear out the (not so) old furnace and install the new one. Of course, the new one comes in an awesome box. Its potential seemed lost on the install crew as they packed it up and were going to take it to parts unknown.

Glad we rescued it! For days and days, it has been a fort, a house, a hiding place, a coloring board, and now... a sled! Against all the mama fibers in my being, I allowed the girls (Emma & Kjersten) to "ride" this deathtrap down the stairs over and over...

Sensing an end to this adventure, I snapped a picture of Emma, Kjersten & Brennen heading downstairs. Sorry it's blurry. By the time I realized this, the box had lost its bottom and was no longer sled worthy. Not sure what it's new use will be...
Here's the landing buffered by couch cushions from the family room.

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Carol said...

Wow! You let the kids ride down the stairs in a cardboard box?! What's next...playing with knives?