Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank God for Minnesota Boys!

They just love the cold! Here's grandpa Paul. He comes up to plow for us and proceeds to plow for the neighbors and the unimproved road that no one uses... just in case! Any excuse to play in the snow! e

With the 8" we got, Rhys was very grateful to not have to shovel the driveway. He only has to shovel the concrete parking pad, not our actual driveway. With grandpa and the 4-wheeler, Rhys just has to tidy up the edges. Lucky kid!

Cael woke from his nap while grandpa was here. It was bitter cold (-10F) so he couldn't go out, but, oh.... how he wanted to!!!!


Wendy said...

Grandpa's are the best. And I love the bedhead. :)

Mary Beth said...

What a nice Grandpa!