Monday, July 26, 2010

Cael turns three... finally!

Yes, his birthday is May 21st. However, you will notice only TWO candles on the cake. Cael did not want turn three. He wanted to stay "two half"! So insistent was he, we went along with it.

Turns out that just this week (a full two months later), he's decided that now he'll be three. Fabulous. Just in time to go to the movies tomorrow. He went from being free to $6. Way to go Cael.

Lovin' the Buzz cake with its two candles!

George giving some instruction on the art of t-ball.

Bret sending one down the hall to a waiting Cael.

Now, there's a good end to a great party! Brennen, Maddie & Cael...

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Anonymous said...

You're the coolest mom ever, letting them play baseball in the house!! And that cake was amazing! Sharmi