Monday, July 26, 2010

T-ball 2010

I might be the only parent on the planet that thinks the t-ball season is far to short! I just don't tire of it... This year, I took on team parent duties (after seven years of kids playing ball, I figured I'm due...). Bad call. There are some rude, lazy, cheap people having kids these days. I don't see me signing up for that job again anytime soon!

George waiting for his teammates to get the show on the road!

Explaining something to Coach John.

Explaining something else to Coach John.

Looks like Coach John is explaining a thing or two to George!

Ready to catch!

A little coach pitch in a t-ball game!

George instructing the third baseman on what he ought to be doing!

Running for home!
We're already counting the days until ball season begins again! Fortunately, George is signed up for fall soccer so he'll have some organized running to keep him busy soon!

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Anonymous said...

I hope George is as good at coaching soccer as he seems to be at coaching tball! :) Sharmi