Friday, December 23, 2011

Boys should be pickier.

Rhys wasn't keen on the after dinner mints at the Mexican restaurant up the road. Instead, he opted to spend his own quarter on a handful of pistachios from the vending machine. Ummmm.... duh. Well, he was tickled to find a worm in one of the nuts. Well, after finding another worm in the next nut and then the next and then the next... he finally decided he may have wasted his hard earned $.25. Being 14 years old, he did eat several of the pistachios, and no they weren't the first few before he found the worms... They were the ones he cracked and didn't see a noticeable worm. Gee, some things should bother boys.

(For the record: we did go back and tell the restaurant and tell them about their petting zoo in the making. They didn't care. I feel for the poor unsuspecting folks who get a more than they bargained for with their handful of peanut M&Ms next time... Blech!)

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