Friday, December 23, 2011

Not everything should be a Jell-O flavor!

On Wednesdays, all the kiddos hang out at AWANA. This means I get to do fun things with my friends. Sometimes we go get iced tea and chat. Other times, we peruse the aisles at Target. Sometimes, we're desperate (the cupboards are empty) and we're forced to grocery shop! But doing the marketing with friends is always more fun. The company is great and we find all sorts of interesting things!

A few weeks ago, Stacy and I discovered this treasure. Candy Cane Jell-O. I do love peppermint. My kiddos do love "candy cans" and we all enjoy pudding so... I took some time to debate the hot pink box and the $.96 price tag. Obviously, I caved to peer pressure. We both agreed to give it a whirl with the younger set, despite the fact that it goes against all that is good & holy in my food-issue-riddled-mind!

I told you the box is hot pink! You'd think that would serve as a deterrent. Nope.

The pudding mixed up a lovely shade of pale pink. I was worried, given the illustration on the box! It was thick and pretty. Alas, no one liked it but Lou and even she only ate a bit. Should have listened to "mommy radar" on this one...

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