Saturday, April 16, 2016

Meet George Jetson...

Actually, meet Rosie. 

You know, the maid who prepared quick meals?!

Otherwise known as the Instant Pot. This is a programable, electric 
pressure cooker that is all sorts of talented! 

On a girls' weekend to Red Lodge, Vicki brought along this wizardry. She made Broccoli Cheddar soup, mexican roast (for tacos), and brownies in this little wonder machine. It cooks foods very quickly and easily. It also functions as a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer and even makes yogurt. 

Immediately upon returning to reality from the weekend away (much too soon, I might add), I ordered my very own Instant Pot, affectionately known as Rosie in my home! Browsing the internet for recipes to try until I'm brave enough to adapt my own, I see that there seems to be an Instant Pot cult following. The upside is there are a gazillion recipes to be had. The downside? These people are a bit off-kilter. Oh well. They do seem to like to cook! 

The promise of saving my best intentions in the reality of life is why Rosie now sits in my kitchen. She has replaced the rice cooker, the slow cooker, and the dutch over and, in my world, space is at a ridiculous premium. Rosie can also cook a frozen roast in an hour's time! When I have ignored my Plat To Eat menu plan and am seriously short on time, I can plop something in Rosie and have an actual meal on the table before bedtime! Sounds amazing, huh?

Today was Rosie's maiden meal. We spent the entire day at the ball field for opening day and I did NOT plan accordingly. Fortunately, I did not cave to temptation and stop for take-out. I came home, seared a pork roast in Rosie (yes, you can do that all in the same pot!), and made some awesome pulled pork sandwiches! Everyone agreed they were fantastic!

Clearly, a food photographer I am not.

Find the recipe here.

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Mary Beth said...

Sounds like Rosie is a keeper!