Friday, April 1, 2016

Where the sidewalk ends...

My dad owns & rents out a house on the corner of our block. Which means, my dad is there regularly. Which means, I walk down there often. Sometimes to visit. Sometimes to bring needed supplies. Sometimes to bring beer.

Anyhow, I walk the same path there and back & it reminds me of my childhood walking to and from school. It doesn't take long to know each crack, every tree root heaving concrete in a bid for freedom, and where all the best puddles form after a rain. Navigating the route to avoid hazards becomes second nature- stepping and jumping without a thought.

Today, on one such trek to dad's rental, it occurred to me that this sidewalk is imprinted on my children. Where I have to watch my step, they have already scooted to the other side. They know where to jump their bikes and what puddles are deepest.

So, today I walked a little slower and paid a little more attention to this backdrop for many of my kiddos' memories.


cj said...

so sweet! I'm a little lost without my emojis since I'm on the computer. and hey LOOK you're blogging again!!!!!

Wendy said...

Love this. Everyone is always in a hurry these days, myself included and we fast forward through this life. We don't allow ourselves to just be in the moment and appreciate what we have. Sometimes we don't even know what we have because we are way too busy! Keep soaking up all those memories and appreciating the little things. Something I need to do more of! (I totally would be driving to your Dad's sad is that?!) lol