Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another baby update...

Well, another baby appointment yesterday. Our due date is/was either last Saturday or this coming Saturday. Either way, baby does not appear at all interested in coming out. This is very discouraging to me. Bear in mind, I am not in a hurry for baby to be here. I just want to know that he or she will actually come on its own. Not looking good.

I will spare you the gory details (my dad reads this, you know...) but suffice it to say that I am not inducible. Baby seems unwilling to drop down far enough to be favorable for induction. The other kiddos (despite being floaty and not engaging either) apparently were further down than this bunchkin. So... we wait... and wait... and wait...

Next week, I'll have another ultrasound for size estimates and we'll see if I am any more favorable. If not, we're looking at a c-section. This is very disappointing to me for many reasons. Yes, I really love labor and delivery and will be sad about missing that experience. More importantly, I have had horrible surgery experiences. Every single one. Horrible. This really concerns me. And, I do NOT want to be recovering from surgery with four kiddos. Recovery is no big deal for most mamas but they don't live at the top of my hill!!!! (If you've been to my house, you know what I am talking about! Can you even imagine?!?!)

The good news? (there's always some!) Baby's NST was fine. Baby seems very healthy, happy, and (unfortunately) comfy in there!

After my appointment yesterday, I went and did BIG Costco and Wal-Mart trips. It took forever and I didn't even have kiddos! (They were playing at grandma's.) I filled the van and had to go home and unload before I could pick up kids. So, all that walking and such seems to have greatly increased my Braxton Hicks contractions. Even today they are much more frequent and stronger. Now, if only they'd pick up a bunch and actually do "something"!

We are praying (with the encouragement of my OB) for labor to start on its own and soon. He still has faith that a c-section is not inevitable- just looking more likely than we'd hoped. Please pray with us that, whatever course we end up taking, baby will arrive safely when he or she is ready. Thank you!


Audra Willett said...

I can not believe how big your kids are!! I don't even recognize Brennen, so sad. I am so excited to see you and that difficult little one!! Must be a girl!! Only wants to come out in her own time! Ha, Ha.

I can't believe I'll be there in a few weeks, someone pinch me!!

I am praying for a quick delivery naturally!!!

Cynthia said...


Hoping this baby drops SOON!