Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random thoughts

  • Kjersten (age 6) has always called Sesame Street "Stretcher Meat" and I don't ever correct her. I, of course, say it properly, but never correct her because it makes me laugh!
  • Brennen calls potatoes and tomatoes "namatoes" and refuses to eat either.
  • Rhys is reading the Hobbit with Jason. He reads further after Jason heads to bed and can recall, with astonishing detail, pages and pages of story. It's a bit unnerving. (Then again, he's always been that way...)
  • Rhys is depressed tonite. I let him watch some of the finale of Survivor. Save the lecture. We watch it together and this season's ending is turning into a great lesson on lying, claiming to be a Christian, and keeping one's word. Anyhow, he's very sad that his favorite character was voted off. With tears in his eyes, he told me he wished he had the "force." I assumed (incorrectly) that he wanted to change the outcome of the vote. Nope. He just wanted to get the TV remote without having to get up. What a boy!!!!

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