Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1st Gymnastics Meet

Kjersten, Aspen, and Hannelora.

Of course, I'm opposite of where she lands... Grrr... She was first to go at each event so I never did get good pics of her actual events!

I can only imagine this is harder than it looks. Makes me laugh to watch the girls practice this as it looks ridiculously simple to me.

Getting ready for her spectacular cartwheel.

It was fun to watch her actually perform. When she's in class, she's either too far from the window for me to see or I'm too busy chatting (imagine that?!) to see what she's learning. My only exposure is when she's somersaulting across the house.


Jamie said...

Yeah for Kjersten! How fun. But clearly, I see you need a lesson in gymnist hair. Kid's going to fall off the beam with those bangs. Here's the secret--spray gel (lots of it) and bobby pins. BTW, the girls have a meet in CdA on Feb. 22 & 23 (yep, Sunday & Monday). Any chance you could come??

Mary Beth said...

That looks awesome! Way to go Kjersten!!

Cynthia said...

FUN! I remember those days with my girls, but sniff sniff... now they're too old for such things (LOL). Our girls took gymnastics at the same place MANY years ago! Enjoy all of the hustle and bustle of activities while they're little and still at home with you! Before you know it they'll be out on their own!!

Wendy said...

I hope my girls can do this someday. How fun.