Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kjersten & Jason's Christmas Present

The Story:

The kids and I bought Jason an electric guitar. Kjersten and Jason are taking guitar lessons together and Jason is convinced an electric guitar is necessary! Well, Jason didn't know we were getting one for him so he decided Kjersten HAD to have one! So, we bought one for her.

She was getting a guitar. He was getting a guitar. No one knew that both were getting guitars. I found a big enough box to fit both inside and wrapped it before anyone was the wiser! Both thought it was the other's present.

Well, Christmas morning, I had Kjersten help her dad unwrap "his" present. It was so much fun and they both haven't quit playing since...

Here's a short video...

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wktrulyblessed said...

I'm so glad you video'd this! What fun. :)