Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas at Jason's family's house is always crowded, chaotic, and great fun. Here's a glimpse of what happened this year. (I forgot my camera so I "borrowed" Amanda's photos...)

Jason's middle sister, Amanda, and her hubby, Josh inspecting some of the new treasures.
Jason's mom taking a breather... Sitting in the coveted rocking chair that was her grandpa's.
Jason's youngest sister, Sara, and her hubby, Josh. Yes... two brothers-in-law named Josh. What are the odds?
Me. Hiding in the midst of chaos.
George trying out the new "football" chair. Nice fit!
Great grandma, Peggy's, arrival complete with matching outfits for her and the dog. Only old ladies can get away with this...
Jason and Cael. Cael, too, loves the chair!
Great grandpa, Thelmar, and family showing off the quilt that Jason's mom made. What a lot of work that was!?
What did you get into, George?!

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