Sunday, May 25, 2008

From baby to toddler overnight!

I knew it was inevitable... I knew it was coming... I knew I would love him being a toddler... I just wasn't ready...

Things Cael learned the week he turned one...

  • how to remove the diaper (hence the photo above)
  • how to grow teeth (has his first and is working on four more...)
  • how to blow (should come in handy tomorrow with candles on the cake)
  • how to walk
  • how to get up and going in the middle of the room
  • how to run (waddle really fast)
  • how to drink from a straw (smoothie at Costco was the motivation)
  • how to throw a ball and toys and food...
  • how to say "no-no" by shaking his head
  • how to use a spoon
  • how to have a temper-tantrum

No wonder he's wearing me out!?


Anonymous said...

Now, that's just funny. Jason is going to have to get out the duct tape, like he did for Brennen! :)


Cynthia said...

It does seem to happen overnight... UGH.. I'm still finding it hard to believe that our oldest graduated a YEAR ago... sigh.... life just moves on too fast...