Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wanna see him walk?

Here's Cael a few days before his 1st birthday. He's far more efficient and much faster now. It's now his prefered mode of transportation. Now, he's moved from the "infants" to the "walkers" at church. ::: sniff sniff :::


Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice what Cael is holding? :) Cutest video ever!


Cynthia said...

Speaking of moving up in SS... I can't believe that next Sunday Josh will move up to the 6th grade class. That makes me sad because after this year 3/4 of my kids will no longer be in elementary and that makes me SAD... mostly it makes me mad that I'm getting so old to have such old kids (LOL).

Berry Patch said...

Way too cute! I had a friend who's daughter had to hold something when she started to walk. First it was fingers, but once they realized it they handed her two spoons. So cute! :-)