Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Footwear for the Five Year Old

When Jason is out of town, each kid has the opportunity to sleep in our room one night. (Until Cael claims the toddler bed as his own, that is...) Last night, George slept with me. Notice, he sleeps on top of the quilt. He likes the "pokey" blanket and nothing else. (It's "pokey" because the fleece melted a bit in the dryer. I hang dry it now. Good thing it's fleece and dries in minutes!)
Anyhow, you can see his new "favorite" shoes. When he and Kjersten played dress-up yesterday, he found these. Aren't they pretty? Really, what he likes is the "clop-clop-clop" noise they make when he walks around.


Colleen said...

We all love the clop-clop-clop noise when we walk!

That picture is too funny.

Mary Beth said...

How cute - I love that George does his own thing!