Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Cael!!!

I had hoped to sleep in this morning. I had hoped to snap a photo of Rhys on the toddler bed (yup, he took me up on sleeping in my room even though he barely fits!). But no... the kids were too excited to give Cael his present. So... here we are: up bright and early!

Looks like he loves it!

And, it seats two.

And the seats fold down for naptime.
(Note: if the wheels are not as sturdy as the box claims and won't hold up on our dirt road, it's going back to the store. The wheels aren't the hard black plastic they appear to be, but I'm not convinced they'll work out here. Stay tuned... )


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Cael!! Love the wagon. I was picturing a metal one. This one is awesome!

Carol said...

Happy Birfday Cael!!!! can't wait to check out your new wagon! luv, Bret

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday, Cael!

I can't believe he is two. Seems like just yesterday you brought that cute, bald baby home!

Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday Cael!!

Colleen said...

You know, I think I'd like a wagon like that for myself.

(And hey, didn't I leave a happy birthday message yesterday???)

Colleen said...

It's been about a month... Let's see an update! :)