Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to burn off LOTS of energy!

Rhys & Evan have birthdays exactly one week apart. That's very handy when you're best friends! (Interestingly, Evan's mom shares Rhys' birthday and Rhys' dad shares Evan's birthday. Whew! We add George's in the middle and often Easter and we have one VERY busy week!)

In any case, we do eventually manage a joint-kids party for the boys. This year, we took Rhys & Evan along with 5 of their friends and their sisters to the local climbing gym. They climbed. They ate pizza. They climbed some more. They ate cupcakes. They played tag running in and out of the store displays. (Argh!) They had a fabulous time!

On the other hand, my camera batteries died early on. I need to get some pics from Jen. Until then, here's a few...

Rhys and Evan- 12 year old buds.

Kjersten & Emma- poor little sisters of 12 year old brothers!

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