Sunday, September 6, 2009

Need a baby gift? Here are the essentials!

I never even made it to Target to check her registry... I hope she loves it anyhow!
A short list of must haves from a self-confessed baby gear junkie:
  • Bumkins bibs- waterproof, soft, can be hand washed with the dishes or thrown in the laundry, these last forever!
  • Snack Trap cups with lids (purchased separately)- Tupperware meets toddler; snack cups with handles and a oddly designed lid that keeps the goldfish contained yet easily accessible to those pudgy little fingers
  • baby safe feeder- silly looking contraption that makes all foods safe for baby. Add ice, bananas, frozen peaches, chicken nuggets, Oreos (just kidding...) and let baby have at it... he'll only work out safe pieces to eat & be delightfully entertained in the process!
  • take & toss spoons- just the right size for baby's mouth without that hard metal or, worse, rubbery plastic that baby can bite right into effectively ending a pleasant mealtime!
  • water bottle caps- makes any water bottle a "sippy cup" for baby; easy, portable, and really reasonably priced ($1.75 at Albertson's here...)

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