Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas at the Zoo!

We didn't go to the zoo to see Santa. We went to see... penguins and camels and Frosty! After a lovely drive through the light displays, listening to Christmas carols punctuated with Cael's enthusiastic commentary, we were told Santa was inside the gift shop/classroom area. Not being a family to pass up the chance to look at Madagascar hissing cockroaches or snakes while waiting to see Santa, we trekked right in!

The line was long and fraught with issues. Cael. Potty issues and anxiety over that "Santa guy". Think those issues might be related?! In any event, we decided to stick it out and gage his mood when we were "next". Surprisingly, he perked right up and said he wanted to sit "by" Santa on Rhys' lap. Ummmm... okay! So, here's what we got. Rhys had to be encouraged (or is that, threatened?). Kjersten would only go with her brothers. Y'all know Cael's deal.

George, however, was horrified to discover that it was to be a group picture. Seems he wanted some one on one time with that "ho ho ho guy". Request approved.

Side note: There's a reason his coat is ON and zipped up to his chin! He let Cael pick out his clothing for that night's outings (the zoo and a Christmas party). Well... let's just say, he DID have on purple & gold Vikings sweats with the black shirt with a white skeleton (makes him look like an x-ray). I insisted that one or the other had to go. Not knowing we would be having a photo op, I think I lucked out that he chose to keep the shirt and change into (hole in the knees) jeans. The coat wouldn't have helped with purple pants!

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Mary Beth said...

That "ho ho ho guy" is pretty authentic looking. Great pictures - especially the group one.