Friday, December 17, 2010

Less gingerbread, more candy!

I caved. Sort of.

I have never done gingerbread houses. Despite years of being asked, begged, pleaded with... I have never bought one of those kits from Costco. For several reasons, I am not a fan. Cheap candy, mess, constant arguments over who is eating the gumdrops off the roof... Who needs it!?

We do. It seems that this year, it was time. My concessions? With Amy's help, we got each child a prebuilt house (graham crackers + small milk carton + hot glue). This approach allows for artistic freedom. I bought less nasty candy and canned frosting for the mama's convenience.
Finally, I plugged gingerbread houses into the advent calendar on a day that there was little else on the schedule. A certain recipe for success!

And it was.

"Dirty icing" the houses, as George (and Cake Boss) would call it. I call it a crumb coat, but they don't care.

Some building materials...

Hard at work. Believe it or not, precious little candy was consumed during construction.

I didn't help Cael at all! I'm still impressed with what an age-appropriate activity it was for ALL my kiddos!

Somehow, I don't think these are going to last long!

Lou really wanted to show off her 'K'

And the front of her house.

George's house includes a water supply line and a flag.

Done completely by himself...

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Carol said...

totally awesome! and great new blog wallpaper too :)