Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas treasures...

Yes, this is Kirsten (from 1854) in her 2010 clothes! Grandma is gifted in many ways, but we really appreciate her seamstress abilities! This was Lou's most loved shirt from Carol, outgrown long ago... It was one of three that we just couldn't pass on... (and, really... who else has a Kjersten?!) Grandma reconstructed those three favorite shirts into heirloom clothing for Kjersten's American Girl dolls.

Lou's gorgeous bed created by Uncle Josh.

Beautiful bedding for the bed made by grandma!

(above photos courtesy of Kjersten- did you see the purple bed on the red carpet. Ack!)

You wouldn't believe how happy George is with this Real Wood Kit. He's been saving his money- he has $.16 in his jar. It would have been $.21 but I wouldn't let him retrieve the nickel he swallowed!

In any case, Auntie Michelle caught word that he wanted "just this one thing" and his life would be complete and felt compelled to retain coolest gift-giver status. Mission accomplished.

Have you met George? This kit kept him entertained for a full hour upon opening. It has occupied many more hours in the last week. It really is nifty and I've heard the "wood" pieces can be bought in bulk at Hobby Lobby. We're just waiting on one of those 40% off coupons!


Carol said...

Too Cute!!!

Wendy said...

How did Barb do that?!! That shirt is adorable!! And so is the bed. Such talented people in your family! :)