Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Opening Day 2016

Opening day signifies the beginning of spring in my world. So, last Saturday, spring arrived. Unfortunately, she came without sunshine or warmth. It was very cold & windy all day long. 

The day begins with team photos and the hit-a-thon. I think I was defrosting 
in the car when Cael was having his pics taken. 

 Both boys had games. Cael's game was great fun to watch. I sat with some friends 
on the opposing team and overheard strategy. Of course, I promptly filled Cael, 
the catcher, in on the plans! Stinky played catcher and loved it!

After the post-game team meeting, the coach gave Cael the game ball for his great attitude and good job catching. The boy could not stop grinning! He plans on collecting many of those game balls!

My favorite baseball snack! And, because no one in my family likes unsweet 
tea or dill pickle seeds (except Lou), I get them mostly to myself!

This is how little brothers entertain themselves at games. See George 
participating through the chainlink of the dugout?

This was George's play of the day: a triple!! He may not have made
 it home, but he got three runners in. It was awesome!

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Mary Beth said...

Love Little League baseball! So much fun for everyone!