Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rosie in real life...

In my previous post, I introduced you to my Instant Pot, otherwise known as Rosie. I haven't used her magic since the pulled pork on Saturday as we've had birthday pizza and leftovers and that's always easier than cooking! Anyhow, tonight we had plans. Then we had no plans. Then we had some plans. In the confusion, I did not take chicken out to thaw. Nor did I get home before 6pm. 

Rosie to the rescue! I put some frozen chicken breasts, water, chicken base and veggies all in the pot and cooked for 12 minutes. Yup. Twelve minutes. Pulled out the chicken, plopped in some dumplings, cooked for another five and... ta-da!! Dinner was done. All together, mixing & chopping, cooking, and releasing pressure took less than an hour. 



This is exactly what I hoped for when I bought her. She does not disappoint. 

Chicken & dumpling recipe here

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Anonymous said...

If I planned to do any cooking ever again once Cara leaves for college I might have to get one of these. But since I don't... Keep sharing though. You might convince me. Looks delicious. SL