Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm having a temper tantrum! Care to join me?

I am so annoyed. I am trying to purchase songs for download right now. No big deal. I do it all the time. I use my VISA debit card on or iTunes. Very easy. Not tonite.

I organize the songs. Double check my cart. Hit download.

"Error: we do not accept international credit cards." Huh?

I can't verify my debit card info because I entered it when we got our new cards 3 weeks ago (a bank-wide fiasco in itself). Once the info is entered, you can only actually see the last 4 numbers. So, I try that card again. No go.

I try re-entering the card. That confuses poor Another "error". I try Jason's debit card. Same bank account- different debit card #. "Error: we do not accept international credit cards." Argh!

I am beginning to panic a bit. This music isn't for me. It's the "soundtrack" for my sister-in-law's wedding ceremony tomorrow. Really.

I try our money market account's debit card. That works. Whew! I figure Wal-mart's got a problem.

Next, I head over to Netflix to update our debit info there. Remember, I said that we got totally new cards a few weeks ago. We pay a few bills this way and those folks are not going to be happy when my debit card won't go thru... Well, that seems to work.

Feeling emboldened, I go to Alltel (cell phone) next. After arguing with the log-in screen for some time, I manage to convince it that I do, in fact, know my mother's maiden name. I update our info there and guess what I get? Bingo!

"Error: invalid credit card."

Fabulous. I call the 800# on the back of the card. The woman cannot find any record on either debit card. Never mind, I used mine at Target last night and Jason used his at Costco. Both transactions have already cleared my checking account. What gives?

And who is going to fix this for me BEFORE Monday?!?!

I swear this is the last issue I will have with this bank. Jason's had this account for 20 years. A year or so ago, they switched names (still a local credit union). Since then, we've had issue after issue. Some annoying. Some a giant pain in the butt. So have my in-laws. Think we'll be bank shopping soon. (Yes, I realize they have precious little control over the debit card thing... but it's the last straw.)

Well, I just burned the CD. All is well in the world tonite. The bank? I'll deal with them on Monday.


Cynthia said...

UGH. There's NOTHING worse.

Prindle 4-2 said...

ya me and josh are gunna switch banks next month and get a JOINT checking i am SOOO excited about that!!! well i hope this one works this is the htird time iv tried to post u a comment