Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who on earth is this prepared for Christmas?

Checking the mail on Monday, I was greeted with this surprise...Christmas presents!!! Now, my childish excitement was quickly overcome by feelings of inadequacies. I've barely begun my Christmas shopping... And she's already shopped, wrapped, and sent. Argh!!!!

Then... I read the enclosed note. Jamie explained that it was merely a storage issue. Her small house cannot contain both a Thanksgiving feast and Christmas gifts. She "had" to send them to free up some precious space. Ahhhh... I feel better! Now off to sing some Christmas "Car-i-oke" with the CD she sent. Thanks Jamie!

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Cynthia said...

Ok.. THAT is early!! I can understand though... Our Christmas packages are all wrapped and sitting in the living room already just waiting for a tree to be put up for them to go under (LOL).